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7 Tips To Avoid Overtraining

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Yes there is such a thing as working out too much!  Who would have thought overtraining was a thing right?  You workout, you lose weight and that’s it.  Nope, that’s not it.  Overtraining is real and can really ruin all the results you have gotten already.  Your body needs to rest too.

I love to follow the trainer who gave me my soul mate workout.  Autumn Calabrese really helped me find my strong and get my nutrition in line.  So when she speaks I listen.  I watched this video where she shared 7 tips to avoid overtraining.  Here’s what I learned:

tips to avoid overtraining

Tip #1 To Avoid Overtraining:   Nutrition

Eating to fuel your body should be the main focus when you sit down for a meal.  Getting a mix of healthy carbs, protein, healthy fats and of course veggies will give your body the fuel it needs to repair your muscles after a workout.  Not eating enough, or not eating healthy can cause you injuries which will only slow your progress towards your fitness goals.

Value Rest
Tip #2 To Avoid Overtraining:  Sleep

Many people underestimate the importance of rest when it comes to fitness.  We are so busy it is easy to not get enough.  But sleep is part of the recovery process and it helps repair your body from those intense workout sessions.  It’s actually where muscle is made. Autumn recommends 8 hours a night. I say 7 to 9 hours a night is perfect to repair those muscles you break down during your workouts.

Tip #3 To Avoid Overtraining: Taking a rest day

Yes all of us deserve a day off.  It allows our bodies to recover and avoids workout plateaus.  Don’t skip your rest day it is deserved and much-needed.

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Tip #4 To Avoid Overtraining:  Get A Massage

A massage is a great way to relax and work out the kinks in those muscles.  It also helps breaks down lactic acid in body.  If you don’t have time to get a professional massage then try foam rolling.  You can foam roll every day and it is amazing how you feel after using them.

tips to avoid overtraining
Tip #5 To Avoid Overtraining:  Mix up your training style

Running every day can be boring.  It can also cause you to over work muscles and hit plateaus with your results.  Doing different types of workouts will help you avoid a plateau and prevent injury for lifting different muscle groups.   For instance, chest one day, back and biceps the next.  This is one reason trainers tell you not to skip leg day.

Tip #6 To Avoid Overtraining:  Have A Game Plan

Sticking with your schedule is important to working all your muscles on the right day.  Make sure you know what you’re going to do (and eat) each day.

How to Keep Your Body Hydrated

Tip #7 To Avoid Overtraining:  Hydrate

Almost 85% of people in the world are living life dehydrated.  It is recommended that you drink 8 glasses of water a day.  I have learned that you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces a day.  This is increased even more when you are training.  Don’t risk injury by not replenishing your muscles and brain with water every day.

Do you have any other tips to overtraining?  Add in them in the comments below and check out Autumn’s video of these tips below.


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