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Are you committed to getting healthy? 

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Do you have desire or are you committed to getting healthy?

When you take action to get healthy you have a strong desire. You want to have more energy, wear that favorite pair of jeans again and you want to love the way you look.  But without commitment you won’t reach those goals. When you are truly committed to getting healthy you will not quit. You have a plan, a start and end date, and you follow it.

Yes there will be rest days and cheat meals. We are human and you should treat yourself if you’ve worked hard. But you continue on. You don’t take two days off and then decide you screwed up and quit for another three months.

You keep going and ignore that voice in your head telling you to quit. You remain committed.

So are you starting Monday off committed to getting healthy or do you want to stay stuck where you are?

are you committed to getting healthy?

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