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How To Become More Positive In 3 Easy Steps

become more positive

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It’s estimated that your brain has between 60,000 and 90,000 thoughts per day.  Moreover, of those 60,000 to 90,000, 96% are the very same thoughts you had yesterday! You gravitate toward certain thoughts and certain emotions, largely out of habit.

The main problem with trying to change your lifestyle at the behavior level is that, over time, you usually revert to your old behavior. Changing behavior is extremely difficult, and it takes a lot of conscious effort to act out of accordance with beliefs stored in the unconscious mind. That being said, that little matchmaker in your head (your unconscious mind) is continually matching the outside world to your inside world. Consequently, that is why there is comfort in reverting back to your old ways.

become more positive

There are 3 steps you can to change your unconscious mind and the way you think.  If you want to change your behavior, you have to change your beliefs.  That means you need to change your unconscious thoughts and that only happens by being aware of your conscious thoughts.  These 3 steps will help you do all of this.

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3 Steps To Help You Become More Positive


Here is my video that explains the 3 Step Process To Become More Positive:



How To Become More Positive In 3 Easy Steps

Step One-Become Aware Of Your Own Thoughts


First of all, you are going to have to get very, very aware of the thoughts you are saying to yourself. Concentrate on thoughts with more emotional weight. They’ll be easy for you to identify as they definitely differ from the white noise. Do you notice any habits of thoughts in certain areas?

Is it time management or how busy you are?

Or is it lack of money?

Maybe its personal relationships?

Is it confidence or self-worth?

When you become fully aware of the thoughts (evidence) in your life it is the only real way for you to gauge whether your inside and outside pictures of the world are directly linked together. In other words, is what you’re saying to yourself coming true or showing up in your life?


Step Two— Decide to Change


Remember, 96% of your daily thoughts are repeated and this is why many times your future can mirror your present with only small incremental changes. If you want to change your future you have to wrap your heads around a few things:

You cannot change your future with the same kind of thinking which created your present. This means, whatever situations you are presently experiencing, both good and not so good, are the direct result of what you were thinking last month, last week, and yesterday.

You can’t create your own success and become more positive by telling yourself over and over again that you aren’t going to lose weight, you don’t have what it takes to be successful, or it’s too difficult to build a business. You can’t get rich by talking about how broke you are. Finally, you can’t find peace of mind by focusing on how overwhelmed or stressed you are.

If I catch myself saying or thinking something counter-productive, I usually just ask myself, “Is this the message I want to match?” It’s a continual reminder that the choice is mine and it should be yours too.


Step 3-Create New Beliefs


Lastly, you are going to need to install new programming (your new belief), into the unconscious mind by using affirmations.  I’ve talked a lot about them in past posts, but today you are going to take action to create yours.

If you want to lose weight, build a bigger business, or just reach a goal you have to constantly remind yourself that it is possible. This makes it become a belief.  I have create a free tool to help you create affirmations that will retrain your brain.  You can download this free tool here:

create powerful affirmations in just 5 easy steps

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