Exclusive Private Community For First Responders-Blue Line Lifestyle

Do you need a safe place to vent your job-related frustrations, seek advice from your peers and receive advice in other areas of your life in a trusting private community from others just like you?

As a Police Officer for over 15 years I have struggled to find support and advice outside my circle of colleagues in Law Enforcement. Working at a smaller Department I’ve also struggled with finding a mentor that happened to be female. It’s nice to have an opinion from others who have experienced the same utterly horrid and extremly amazing things we deal with as first responders.

This group is open to all first responders from all walks of life. Share your pictures, stories and support each other. Get useful tips on health, wellness, stress, and more from other first responders who understand your career choice. Invite your colleagues to join us. Together we are stronger and we are all one big blue line family.

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