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Traffic Safety Episode 3: Are You Breaking These Traffic Laws?

traffic safety

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Do you commute to work every day?  I bet most of you are breaking these traffic laws and you don’t even know it. In my 15 years as a Law Enforcement Officer I have observed A LOT of violations of the traffics laws.   I want to explain the traffic law on a couple of the most common violations I have witnessed.  You may break a traffic law because you are in too much of a hurry to care, or maybe you just need to understand the law more.

I went live on my Facebook page to discuss episode three of this traffic safety series.  Today I talked about three traffic laws that you may not know you are violating.  If you missed it you can watch the replay here:

Traffic Law #1:  Turning

The proper method of turning right is that the approach for the turn and the turn itself be made as close as possible to the edge of the roadway or curb.  I witness these violations daily.  When you turn right complete the turn into the same right curb lane.   Don’t turn and go into another lane.  Also use your turn signal.  Yes, it is a traffic law that you must use a turn signal when turning.

Moreover, when completing a left turn it shall be in the far left lane and enter the same lane when completing the turn.   It shall only be done when the intersection is safe to enter.  That means if you get in an accident while you are turning left, for going an outstanding circumstances, you will be at fault.

traffic safety

 Traffic Law #2:  Stopping For School Bus

Keeping our children safe is important to everyone.   I personally love that most people I have witnessed are overly cautious of school buses.  Yes, they stop frequently and it really slows us all down, but children come first.

When you are approaching a school bus that is stopped with its flashing amber and red lights on and the stop sign extended you must stop.   Even if the bus is in a parking lot or on private property.  However, if you are on a road that has more than 4 lanes (2 in each direction) the traffic moving in the opposite direction does not need to yield or stop for the school bus.  Please still slow down though.

traffic safety

Traffic Law #3:  Funeral Processions

The complete disregard for funeral processions is disgusting and dangerous.  If the lead car of a procession (usually has flashing yellow lights and is the hearse) goes through the intersection before the traffic light changes, all other vehicles in the procession can follow regardless of the traffic signal.

Now I know we are all in a hurry and don’t pay attention, but people yield to the procession until it is complete.  Other vehicles can not interrupt, interfere or convoy along with the procession either.  Stay alert and wait your turn.  If it were your family member you would want the same respect.

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