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Burglary: Are You The Next Unsuspecting Victim?

Burglary Are You The Next Unsuspecting Victim

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Jasmine stood at the gas pump admiring the clean, shiny wheels on her dark blue Honda Civic.  It was the warm, sunny day so she ran her car through the car wash to get all the salt and gook off of it from the winter.  She even splurged by getting the tire shine this time.

She had thrown her cell phone into her purse on the passenger seat before getting out at the pump.  It would only take a minute or two to fill up the car before she met friends for lunch.  This was the first time she had been out without the kids in months.  Jasmine was super excited to have a day to herself.

She topped off the tank, took her receipt and jumped back in her Honda.  She had to text her friends know she was on her way.  As she grabbed her purse her heart dropped and she gasped for air.

It was gone….her purse was gone.


I have taken and read many reports of burglary just like this in my 15 years as a Police Officer.  In just seconds a sneaky criminal can easily make off with your purse containing your credit cards, social security number, driver’s license and cell phone.

Not only has the criminal taken your security, he now has access to her personal information and your money!  It’s a scary situation for anyone.

I went live to talk about how you can prevent Burglaries and avoid becoming the next victim.  Watch the video here:


VIDEO:  Burglary Are You The Next Unsuspecting Victim?


How To Prevent Burglary To Motor Vehicle

Women are usually victims of this type of burglary to motor vehicle.  We carry purses and usually put them on the passenger seat when driving.  You may even get out to pump gas and leave your purse sitting there.  What a BIG mistake!

As you stand outside your car pumping gas or paying, the would-be burglar is swiping your purse off the seat.  He pulled up to the pump right next to you and got out of his car.  You probably didn’t notice but he crouched down next to your car out of sight.  He then pops open your passenger door from his lowered position and snatches your purse off the seat.  He then re-enters his vehicle and leaves the scene.  You are a victim in under 5 seconds.

So what would you do to prevent this?

Lock your doors.

Always lock them.  I would rather respond to rescue your keys from the vehicle than taking a report for your lost credit cards, I phone and social security number.

Leave your social security number at home. 

Today there is no need to provide your social security card to anyone unless you are getting your birth or marriage certificate.  Leave that precious information locked up in a safe at home.  You don’t want to further victimize yourself by becoming the victim of identity theft too.

Set up the find your phone app.

You may not get your purse and its contents back, but it’s worth a try.  Setting up your phone to be tracked in case it is stolen is useful for police.  It can track where the criminal is going to next.  Or if they aren’t very smart where they live.  I have an I phone so setting up the find your I phone app isn’t that hard.  You can learn to set up your Find Your I Phone app here.  For those that have an android phone, android central has a step by step process to set up your phone for tracking.  You can get instructions to set it up here.

Most crimes like this are opportunistic.  You need to protect yourself from being a victim.  These tips if followed should prevent you from being a victim of a burglary the next time you head to the gas station for a fill-up.

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