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What Determines Your Chances Of Success?

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My son is learning how to tie his shoes and zip up his winter coat.  I remember him trying to zip his coat and failing two times in a row and looking up at me whining, “Mom, I can’t do it.”  It was a great time explain the chances of success with him.  I wish I knew how much your mental attitude affected your chances of success when I was 6.  So it was time to explain it to him.

Your inner voice will determine your chances of success in any activity you do.  Your mind will allow you to think anything and this will determine your chances of success or failure.  This infographic is perfect for explaining the chances of success based on your inner voice.  Even what you say determines this.

I explained to my son that once he thinks or says “I can’t do something” he has already made up his mind that he won’t do it.  His mind that believes this and the brain responds to make this outcome happen.  I told him he is capable of doing anything as long as he believes he can do it.  Guess what?  He tried again and got it.  The smile was worth it!

If you are trying to reach your fitness goals, develop mental toughness or even accomplish a business goal think positive and know that you are capable of anything!

Chances of Success

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