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Do You Find It Hard To Say No?

Do You Find It Hard To Say No?

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I had to share my feelings about this topic after reading an article written by Tony Robbins called the Power of No.

I find it hard to say no for many reasons, but usually out of guilt and fear. For instance, at work I feel I’m afraid  to say no to an Officer who wants to write a report a certain way when I know that it will only get sent back by a Lieutenant above me for the correction.  Do they think I’m being too hard?  Are they going to go talk behind my back to the rest of the shift?

Then I feel guilt saying no to my son for not letting him play video games.  Am I being too strict on him?  Or is he bored and I should find him something do?  Am I not spending enough time with him?

Can you relate?

I’m learning a lot about these feelings I have and I want you to know they are completely irrational feelings. Having to say no isn’t always bad. Sometimes we do them out of love, learning and simply because leaders make tough decisions. It isn’t always easy.
I’m learning that it’s okay to say no.  How do you feel when you say no to someone?  Do you know why you have those feelings?

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