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7 Fitness Tips For Beginners

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Tip #1:  Use Compound Movements

A compound movement involves using multiple muscle groups in one exercise.  For example doing lunges that work your legs follow by a row working your shoulders.  Using multiple muscle groups at once is more effective and burns more calories than doing each one one at a time.  Hammer and Chisel and 21 Day Fix Extreme are two programs that incorporate this concept.  I’m currently doing Hammer and Chisel and am having amazing results with the workouts and nutrition plan.

Tip #2:  Stick To Whole Foods; Organic If Possible

It’s easy to grab pre-packaged foods.  Even if you think you are making a healthy choice you aren’t.  Most are full of chemicals and pesticides.  If possible always choose whole or organic foods.  Check out the article on Raw Foods that will help you make better choices when shopping and why those baby carrots are the healthiest choice.

hammer and chisel

Tip #3:  Lay Out A Plan

Like anything in life, if you don’t have a plan then you are planning to fail.  How many days can you work out a week?  How long?  What type of workout will you be motivated to do?  What is your fitness goal?  How many calories will you eat a day?  What macros?  These are all parts of the plan to getting fit.  If you don’t know where to start contact me and I’ll be happy to help you with a plan.

Tip #4:  Don’t Be Afraid To Weight Train

Of all the fitness tips for beginners this is the most important.  There is a myth that in order to lose weight you need to run on a treadmill and do a ton of cardio workout programs.  This isn’t totally true.  Cardio is important, but burning fat and building muscle in its place.  This is why weight training is also important.  Don’t forget muscle has less  volume than fat.  When you build muscle you are actually losing fat and volume.  The before and after pictures you see are from fat loss, but more importantly building muscle.  The change in waist size and the size of your thighs and legs are from the building of muscle.  The weight will come off but the real body changes come with weight training.

Tip #5:  Preparation Is Key

Prepping your food is the key to getting results with any program you do.  Pick two days out of your week and make them meal prep days.  If you are stuck on the types of meals or food you should make check out the recipes for some great healthy meals. Here are some posts to help you with some meal prep ideas:

Tip #6:  Find A Picture Of Your Goal Body

It’s nice to have some motivation.  Finding a picture of your goal body and posting near your  workout space will help you stay on track.  Who’s your fit crush?  Comment below I would love to see who inspires you!

Tip #7:  Supplements Are Your Friend

There is a negative stigma about supplements.  They will help you achieve your fitness goals faster.  I personally use the Performance Line with Hammer and Chisel right now and I think that it has helped me push harder and recover quicker from my workouts.  They also help reduce muscle soreness and feed your body the right amounts of nutrients after your workouts.  A pre-workout, post-workout and night time supplement are recommended.  If you have questions use the Contact Me button and send it to me I love hearing from visitors and clients and helping them with a supplement program that will fit their needs.

These 7 tips should help any beginner to start out on the right track with their fitness journey.  If you need help contact me or just begin with the Strength Squad here by joining our free 5 Day Find your Strong challenge.  Good luck to you!

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