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5 Simple Reasons Why You Need A Healthy Meal Prep Routine

healthy meal prep

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Today I wanted to a relax a bit but I love working on things and was thinking of all the things I could do;  read a book, work on my website, enjoy the nice weather outside, endlessly scroll Facebook to read all the Donald Trump posts.  Although many of them were enticing (except the last one)I remembered I had two very important things to do today: Workout and organize my weekly healthy meal plan. 

I went live on Facebook today to talk about the 5 benefits of a healthy meal prep routine.  You can watch the video here:

There are 5 really simple reasons why I  (and you should too) have a healthy meal prep routine:

healthy meal planning

photo by: Cynthia Del Rio

Healthy Meal Planning Helps You To Stay Organized

I talk to a lot of working moms and most of them tell me that they wish they were more organized.  Healthy meal planning is just that!  You plan out a weeks worth of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and you put them on a meal planning chart and write down the list of ingredients for a shopping list.  You might think this is just something you do, but it is really organization.

Just like doing laundry, paying bills and taking the kids to baseball practice following a schedule keeps you organized with your time.  So why should meal planning be any different.  In fact,  you can step it up a notch by using an hour to prepare the meals ahead of time and freeze them.  This will save you time during the week which all of us could you more of!

Healthy Meal Prep Saves You Money

healthy meal planning

photo by: Fabian Blank

The hardest part about healthy meal planning is the planning itself.  One of my favorite reward is saving money.  I have been able to cut my shopping bill in half by choosing a different store that is more affordable and only buying the quantity of food I need for each meal on my list.  It makes me proud that I can still eat mostly organic meals and not spend over budget.   Here is the article I wrote on how I started to save money by meal planning.  5 Meal Planning Tips That Can Save You $50 A Week.

Healthy Meal Prep Can Reduces Stress

How do you feel when it’s dinner time and you have no idea what to make?   The kids are whining that they are hungry and they aren’t any help when you ask them what they want to eat.  One word comes to my mind;  Stress.

When you have a meal planned (and even better already prepared ahead of time) you don’t have to feel that stress.  Instead you feel confident and proud.  You are on your game.  That can be you every day if you just spend some time on the front end planning, prepping and preparing.

Healthy Meal Prep Will Increase Your Energy

healthy meal planning

photo by: Gemma Evans

I used to survive on coffee to keep me awake.   I still have my coffee obsession, but I don’t drink as much as I used to.  When you eat healthy you don’t have to.  Healthy Meal Prep can get you off the caffeine roller coaster by fueling your body with nutritious food instead of caffeine.  I recently wrote an article “How Meal Planning Can Give You Energy”

healthy meal planning

photo by: Annie Spratt

Healthy Meal Planning Can Help You Lose Weight

When you stay consistent with a healthy meal planning routine you can and will lose weight.  If you really want to amaze yourself, try adding in some exercise too.  Eating healthy and in the right portions can really help you lose weight.  The staying consistent part is what will be hard for you.  It’s easy when you first start out.  You are full of piss and vinegar to get going.  Motivation is high.  But then life starts to happen and you start making excuses for not following the plan.  Soon enough you are back to your old ways and weight.

No matter what life throws your way you need to be consistent with healthy meal planning in order to have more energy, more time and lose weight.  It isn’t easy.  If it was there wouldn’t be so many children and adults who are over weight.  So make healthy meal planning a priority today and not next week.

Get organized with these free healthy meal planning tools.   They are easy to use and will hold you accountable.  If you are struggling or procrastinating try the templates to get you going again.

Meal Planning Templates

What do you struggle with most when it comes to healthy meal prep?  Leave a comment below.

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