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How To Manage Your Time | My Behind The Scenes Day

how to manage your time

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This weekend has been busy. I have so much to get done as next week I work five 12 hours shifts.  So I have to make the most of my time.  This is how to manage your time and get things you must get done completed instead of procrastinating. Saturday was my most productive day this weekend. I got up early, got a lot accomplished and even had time to spend with family.  You can watch my day unfold here:


How To Manage Your Time



Sunday is a scheduled meal prep day. It is also family day. I have to manage my time well in order to fit in a workout and reach out to customers and clients for my fitness business. This is how to manage your time effectively. In order to make all this happen, I wake up early. If you missed my last post I gave you tips on how you can wake up early.  You can read that article here:


How To Wake Up Early: Time Management Tips For Beginners


Watch my video where I show you how you can find time to workout and meal Prep


How You Can Find Time To Workout And Meal Prep



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