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How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight: The Power Of Your Mind

Our brains are amazing.  They can trick us into believing something is true, and in some cases, make us believe we are someone else.  HBO America Undercover series.  a documentary series on special topics.  One that caught my eye was on multiple personality disorders.  It showed how one mother, Barb lived with multiple personalities and how it affected her family.  It got me about the power of our minds.

I went live on Facebook today to talk about the power of your mind.  It is part 1 of new blog series on how to stay motivated to lose weight.  You can watch the video here:


[VIDEO]:  How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight:  The Power Of Your Mind




In the HBO series, I watched as Barb and her family went about a very common activity;  grocery shopping.  However, this activity is far from normal for Barb because of her personality disorder.  As they were searching for cereal her voice changed to that of a younger person.  This was Barb’s personality, Mae, that of a 5-year-old girl.  She squints to look for her favorite cereal as if she can’t see.  She then removes her glasses and finds the cereal she is looking for.

I thought is this for real? I mean she has to be faking it right?  No, in fact, she wasn’t.

In other documented cases of people with personality disorders, doctors have proven that people actually change the way they think and act.  In fact, in one case a person who had a particular personality of a person that had a scar from an accident.  When they became that personality the scar would actually appear!  Another person that had multiple personalities could drink orange juice with no problem.  When they became the other personality, who is allergic to it, they would break out in hives!


How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight: The Power Of Your Mind


People with multiple personalities have taught us that the mind is a powerful part of your body and is capable of things we can’t even imagine.  Because of this, it is possible to train our brains by making small changes in the way you think— thinking in new and more constructive ways— you can literally train your brain to control every aspect of your life.  In this blog series, I will be focusing on how you can train your brain and use it to your advantage.  I will be teaching it to show you how you can stay motivated to lose weight, but you can literally use it for any goal you are trying to accomplish.  I look forward to sharing the information I have gathered to help you become stronger mentally.

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