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How To Weight Lift At Home | Working Weight Loss

how to weight lift at home | working mom weight loss

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I wanted to lift weights, but I didn’t have time for the gym. On work days I started at 6 am and that meant finding a gym that was open 24 hours a day. In my area that was a couple miles away and that meant adding in 45 minutes to an hour travel time to my 45 minutes to an hour workout.

Then you have to shower and make a post-workout meal. That would add hours to my wake up time. In fact, about 3 hours. Which would put me at a 2:30 am wake up time.

There’s no way that was going to happen. There wasn’t an option to workout after work either. After a twelve hour day, I wanted to go home and eat dinner. I needed quality time with my son and husband too. But I also wanted to make weight lifting a part of my daily routine.

What was I going to do?

I started to weight lift at home.

Time is precious to me.

I have to manage it if I wanted to manage my stress, my health, my finances, my family, and my business. That’s why going to a gym just wasn’t going to fit my lifestyle. But working out at home, that I could do. So I started doing it and I found that I love lifting weights. That is my start on how to weight lift at home. But I’m sure you still wonder:

Don’t you need a ton of equipment?

What exercises do you need to do?


how to weight lift at home | working mom weight loss

Tips on How to Weight Lift at Home

It doesn’t take a lot of equipment to get you started with weight lifting at home. In fact, there are 6 essential pieces of equipment you need to get started.  I made an infographic that will help you to gather your equipment.

Download a copy of the equipment infographic here.

I workout in my living room.  I do not have a separate home gym. Because of this, I had to find equipment that was space-saving.  I am also a mom and that means working on a budget. I assure you that I found the most affordable equipment I could.  When you download the infographic I request your name and email address. I do this because I want to send you an email containing links to the equipment I show in the infographic.  These are the most cost-effective products I have found for each of them.  I also want to send you additional information on weightlifting articles and nutritional tools that you can use to reach your goals.

I have found online workouts to be the best way to find an effective workout at home. I have purchased two programs that have gotten me great results.  You can also find free weight lifting workouts on Youtube and Instagram too.

I invite you to join me in a home weightlifting program. Contact me for more information.

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how to weight lift at home

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