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Don’t You Know It’s About Damn Time!

It's About Damn Time!

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I don’t have enough damn time!

I am a fitness coach and side hustler who is currently trying to finish my first course on healthy meal planning.  I am building the course on my own. All the content. All the handouts. All the videos. All the tech you stuff to make it available to those who need it. I can’t neglect my current customers either. They need help with meal planning, motivation to stay on track with workouts and I love just chit chatting with them. There’s also the need to stay visible on social media to share my knowledge with other women to help them discover their power.

It’s about damn time.

I work 12 hour days as a Police Sergeant   There are requests from Officers, checking reports, administrative duties and desk relief so others can have a break. Let’s not forget my favorite part: Reports on the report you did to report on your reports.

It’s about damn time. 

Waking up at 3 am to workout before a 12 hour day because I’ve learned it actually gives me more energy.   There’s preparing meals for lunches and snacks twice a week so I follow my eating plan and don’t eat crap instead.

It’s about damn time. 

To come home at 6pm and scarf down a meal before squeezing in two hours of time with my son. I’m sorry but by this time I’m exhausted.  He reads me a book every night as part of his homework before we settle down and go to bed.

Sometimes I’m asleep before him because I’m literally exhausted.

It’s about damn time I tell you that this is my life and I’m sure many working moms can relate. Luckily I have a different situation as my husband has taken on the role of stay at home dad.

I work hard because I have a goal to have a better future where I will have more time.

I wouldn’t be able to accomplish so much without a supportive husband and a strict time management schedule.

I’m refining my schedule even more with the 12 Week Year. It’s really helping me to manage the goals I have set in my business, personal, financial and even my relationships.  Working on one goal in each area for 12 weeks has helped me focus more than I ever have.

Its has also taught me to take breaks to spend time with family.  I have to schedule in “breakout blocks” of time to spend with my son and husband because I can get sucked into my work so easy.  I”m passionate about it, but I need them and they need me. 

It’s about damn time, but you have control over it.   Make it productive and be sure to make time for yourself and your family too.

So how do you do it moms?  How do you manage it all?

Need somewhere to vent and ask for advice?  I have started a working woman’s  community on Facebook.  Come join us and network with other busy woman who are trying to make it all work in their lives too.

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