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Meal Planning Tips That Give You More Energy

Meal Planning Tips That Give You More Energy

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At 2 P.M. I’m waiting in the drive up line to place my order.  I open my mouth wide and lean my head back to let out my third yawn in minutes.

Meal Planning Tips That Give You More Energy

photo by: Cel Lisboa

As I wipe the tears from my eyes I think, “My god I’m tired today.” 

Then I start to think of all the reasons (or excuses) why I could be so tired.  It’s because it’s the middle of the week.   I only had six hours of sleep last night.  I went to bed later than usual two nights ago.  I didn’t have my morning coffee.  I should have showered before work instead of last night.  I think there was a full moon last night.

I pull up to the speaker and place my order.  “Can I have a large dark roast with cream only please?

meal planning and more energy

photo by: Javier Molina

I have to let you know I love coffee.  I love the taste.  The stronger the better.   There is nothing like brewing a cup in the morning.  The smell alone wakes me up.  But I don’t eed the caffeine.  The crash comes hard.

Are you living on coffee just to make it through your day?

There is a way to stop the caffeine roller coaster.  You can have more energy just by making some simple changes in what you eat.

Healthy meal planning can give you more energy.

You don’t have to give up your coffee obsession.  I didn’t give up mine.  But meal planning can give you the energy you need to get through your day and even help you lose weight.

Tip #1:  Choose Healthy Ingredients For Your Meals

meal planning for more energy

photo by: Laura Ockel

Your meals should be planned to include whole ingredients.  That means avoiding processed foods.  Raw foods contain more vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their purest form to provide energy to our body.  Carbs, fats and proteins provide that energy.

Fruits, veggies and eggs are a great way to start your day.  Of course coffee is too!  A great meal idea for breakfast are two eggs made your favorite way and a piece of fruit.

Tip #2:  Eat In Healthy Portions

Healthy portions are the key to maintaining energy (and losing weight).  Eating too much in one sitting will give you an insulin spike.  This is because of food (mainly carbs) are broken down into glucose.  Glucose is a sugar.   This causes an increase in sugar which gives you more energy.   That increase in energy comes with an opposite reaction later.  A drop in glucose and a craving for more.  This craving is for more sugar and carby foods.

This is what I call the “Carb Roller Coaster”.  If you happen to get on that ride early in the morning, it is pretty hard to jump off during the day.  For this reason stay away from carbs in the morning and enjoy a good dose of protein and a small piece of fruit.

Eat carbs sparingly and space them out in between meals to prevent the carb roller coaster.

meal planning energy

photo by: Heather Zabriskie

Tip #3:  Time Your Meals For More Energy

If you are skipping meals or not eating enough you are doing more harm than good.  That carb roller coaster I talked about earlier is actually a ride that can occur when we don’t eat enough too.  Our blood sugar drops and that craving for sugar comes back again.  This explains the extra coffee everyone needs right around 2 P.M. every day.

However, there is hope.  Eating meals every two to three hours prevents your blood sugar from dropping.  This helps give you more energy throughout the day and it can reduce cravings.  Make sure those meals are healthy and include veggies, healthy fats and plenty of protein.  Fiber is also important as it keeps you fuller longer.

The best way to increase your energy is to eat healthy and workout.   The changes your body will go through when you have a consistent meal plan and exercise routine is amazing.  If you are new to exercising start small with a walk for 45 minutes every day.  Or if you are ready to make bigger changes sign up for a free breakthrough session.  Or download these easy to use meal planning templates to help you organize a healthy meal planning schedule.

That second trip to the coffee shop doesn’t have to be because you are tired.  You should eat for energy and you can save up the extra $2.50 you spend on coffee every day.  If you worked 5 days a week that is an extra $50 you can save a week.

Most of all, eating for energy can help you burn more calories every day.  Use that extra $50 to buy new clothes because you maybe on track to lose those extra pounds after all!

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