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Wouldn’t it be great to plan an entire week of  healthy meals and actually make them?  Do you struggle with deciding what to make and find that meal times in your family are chaotic?  The free templates you will be receiving are great for getting organized and planning.  But do you usually fall short when it comes to staying consistent and actually implementing a healthy meal planning schedule?  This course will help you make healthy meal planning a regular part of your routine.  Get the course now for only $18!  That’s 40% off the normal price.

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What You Will Learn:

This is 3 part course that will help make your meal planning healthier, less hectic and more organized. You will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the key nutrients your body needs so you feel your best.
  • Confidently choose healthier ingredients to add to your all of your meals.
  • Gain confidence in your skills with an easy to follow prepping routine.
  • Reduce stress by planning your meals ahead of time with our meal plan menu and weekly schedule.
  • Save time by using the “Food Bible” and pre-made shopping lists.
  • Make dinner time fun instead of hectic with our themed dinner night ideas.

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Here’s Some More Info About Why This Course Is So Valuable:

  • You receive healthy snack ideas that can be used  for kids’ lunches or for work day snacks.
  • Infographic handouts that will help you choose healthier carbs and fats for your meals.
  • A meal timing chart to help you nourish your body with the right amount of nutrients at the right time of day to stimulate energy and fat loss.
  • An exclusive members only Facebook group with personal access to me for questions and support.  I will be helping you with healthy meal planning step by step in the group.  You will also have access to past and present members going through the course with you.  Ask questions, share tips and recipes.

About the Author

 I am Val Kuikman.  I am a Mother, Law Enforcement Sergeant, Lifestyle Coach and Certified Herbal Specialist who has a passion for helping people lead a powerful and purposeful life . I have a strong belief in family, hard work, and customer service. I have helped many busy people to become more organized, manage their time more effectively, lose weight, and lead healthier lives through my training programs, and courses.  I also coach working parents to create financial freedom in order to retire them (or their spouse) early.

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