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How To Prevent Workout Injuries | Fitness For Women #06

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When you started working out you wanted to get in shape, lose weight, and have more energy.  You surely didn’t dream of injuring yourself.  But you have to prepare for injuries.  The best preparation is prevention.  In episode #6 of the fitness for women series, I am going to be sharing important tips that will keep you healthy and work towards your goals instead of sidelined and defeated.

Watch the video I made where I explain some useful tips to prevent workout injuries:


[VIDEO]  Fitness For Women #06:  How To Prevent Workout Injuries




Fitness For Women #06: How To Prevent Workout Injuries


Know Your Body

Listening to your body and understanding its limitations is crucial to preventing injuries.  Many orthopedic surgeons say that many of the exercise-induced injuries they see are because people do the wrong exercises that cause further damage to pre-existing injuries.  For instance, if you suffer from knee problems you don’t want to be doing workouts that have a lot of jumping, running, or heavy weights on your knees.  The pounding on your knee joints will cause strain on your knee joints.  Instead, use a stationary bike or elliptical machine.


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It’s All About Sex

No, it’s not what you think.  Women and men are stronger or weaker in different areas of their bodies.  As a result, women function better at workouts that use a diagonal plane of motion like yoga, pilates, and cycling.  Men, however, are at greater risk of injury during these types of exercises.  They function better in rigid activities such as weight lifting and push-ups.  This is a generality and women and men shouldn’t avoid these exercises altogether.

If you are women it is interesting to note that you are more prone to injuries when exercising during your menstrual cycle.  This is because you release more hormones that loosen your joints.  Do not avoid the workout, but use more care when exercising during this period of the month.


Fitness For Women #06: How To Prevent Workout Injuries

Warm It Up

When starting any workout you need to warm up your muscles and slowly increase the intensity as you progress through your workout.  The warm-up is the most important part of the workout.  It helps prepare the muscles for stress and increases blood flow slowly.

If you lift weights as a part of your program, make sure you are not overestimating your strength.  Start out with lighter weights and always focus on good technique instead of the amount of weight you are lifting.  Using good technique helps prevent injuries and future problems.

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Cool Your Jets

Stretching and lowering your heart rate after your workout is also a great way to prevent workout injuries.  The cool down after a workout should be done slowly and should focus on stretching the muscle groups back out.  During the cool down, you should also focus on your breathing.  Use long breathes as you inhale and exhale to help lower your heart rate back down.  This helps loosen up the muscles and can even prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Remember to let your heart rate come down slowly by taking deep breathes. If you don’t do this you may experience dizziness and fall injuring yourself!

Do you have any ideas on how to prevent workout injuries?

Add them to the comments so we can all learn more about this important topic!

Val Quickman How To Prevent Workout Injuries

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