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Why Do I Quit Working Out?

Why Do I Quit Working Out?

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I can call myself all sorts of names for my recent 3 week hiatus from workouts:  Lazy, procrastinator, slacker, slob, etc..  But what good is that going to do?  I quit working out because I just wasn’t motivated.  When I lost my mojo my lack of will power to eat healthy went with it too.  I’ve never eaten so much pizza and junk food.

I feel so guilty being a health coach and business owner.  But I share my journey openly to help others too.  I know why I quit working out and I know exactly what I am doing wrong. This reasoning is why we all quit working out.  I hope it helps you get back on track.

Get Focused

why i quit working out

photo by: Paul Skorupskas

We all do it.

One day you are full of motivation and hit the gym with all the gusto you have.  Then the next day you procrastinate on going until it gets too late.  The next day you reason that you already missed yesterday so what is one more day?  Next thing you know you can’t drag yourself off the couch to go and feel guilty.

I’ll let you know you are NOT lazy.  You are a procrastinator though.  We all procrastinate when we don’t think things through enough.  It’s our brains way of telling us we need to plan things out and prepare.

How Do You Not Procrastinate?

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photo by: Sander Smeekes

To stop procrastinating you need to have a firm plan in place.  You have to answer all the questions your brain needs to have in order to prevent procrastination.  Here are some questions you can answer:

  1. When will you workout?  What days of the week?
  2. What will your workout be everyday?
  3. How long will you workout?
  4. When will you eat?
  5. What will you eat ?
  6. What results will you have when you finish the program?

It’s important to focus on each day and what you will doing.  It is motivating to plan ahead one day and have your workout clothes, meals and equipment in order.  This is why I schedule a breakthrough session with all of my clients.  Getting real about your goals and setting up a plan can stop the procrastination and start the motivation.  Focus on the process above all else.  The results will come in time.

I have made a weekly workout schedule and meal planner to help you stay on track.  I can’t wait to open up my Clean Eating academy course to offer you even more meal planning help. Until then you can grab your free instant copy by completing the form below.  If you ever find yourself procrastinating it’s time to go back and re-evaluate your plan.  Remember, you are NOT lazy your brain just needs more information in order to act.

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