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Traffic Safety Episode 4: Why Some People Need To Retake Drivers Ed

traffic safety

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There are some days that I completely understand why people get road rage.  I’ve seen a lot of stupid driving maneuvers both on and off the job.  I wanted to vent my frustration on a couple of driving maneuvers that should land you back in drivers ed by going live on my Facebook page about it.  If you missed it you can watch the replay here:

I would love to know which of these you find the most annoying.  Just leave a comment at the end of the post letting me know which one boils your blood.

Oh wait, the road is ending?

traffic safety

I am sure you have observed this person at some point during your driving career.  The one that pulls up in the curb hand lane and instead of turning right, they want to continue going straight.  It’s obvious the road is merging in front of you .   Or even better, there are cars parked in that lane ahead.  I feel like a Mario Andretti waiting for the light to turn green.  I know this jerk is just in a hurry and can’t wait like the rest of us who are using good traffic safety measures.  Nonetheless, this isn’t a race and I don’t gun the gas as the light turns green.  (Maybe just for a second so I feel better…..don’t judge me.)

Let’s all admit this person clearly needs to return to drivers ed.  There clearly isn’t a violation of the law here though.  It’s just an ignorant driver who thinks his life and circumstances are more important than the rest of us.  Let it go and move on because it’s not worth your time or frustration.

Can I Squeeze In Here?

You are driving slowly in heavy rush hour traffic.  Cars are bumper to bumper.   You leave some room between your car and the car in front you.

You are taking the defensive driving approach because you want to get home safely without an accident.  Well it’s as if this small pocket of room is an invitation for the car next to you to change lanes.

You noticed him in your rear-view mirror a couple cars back. He’s been playing Pac Man (or Frogger) in the lanes in an attempt to make better time on his commute home.  So he cuts you off and squeezes into that less than 5 foot space you created for traffic safety.

Yes this is completely aggravating. I see this a lot when I drive downtown in Chicago. If the driver doesn’t use a turn signal it is illegal. Let’s just be honest I’m sure the driver didn’t use one.

I won’t go back and reiterate what I said previously but it is another case of someone thinking their circumstances are more important than anyone else who is currently driving on the road.

traffic safety

I Walk Slower Because You Are Kindly Waiting

This thought has crossed through my mind so many times. Once a pedestrian starts to cross in the crosswalk and is over halfway across the street you must yield the right of way to them.

However, what aggravates me are the people who seem to walk slower when they know you are obeying the law.

Ok not talking about the elderly or children. They can take as long as they wish. I’m talking about the seemingly healthy and able men and women that walk so slow it’s like they are mocking you.

I’ve even been stared down as a person walked at a slow pace the entire time he/she crossed the street. Entitlement at its best.

My Car Only Drives This Speed In This Lane

Who can relate to this?

You are driving on the expressway. You are following the flow of traffic and you are making good time.

That is, until you have the driver who drives the exact speed limit in the far left lane.

If you drive slower than or equal to the posted limit do not drive in the left lane!

It seems those drivers also don’t utilize their rear-view mirrors because the long line of cars behind you may indicate you need to move out of their way.

Most of the time these drivers are law-abiding citizens that just want to get to their destination safely. Some states have law that make driving. In that lane a violation of you hold up traffic.  Does your state prohibit this?  Leave me a comment below I want to know which states do.

These types of drivers could make you pull your hair out at times. I don’t endorse calling them out or putting yourself in a situation that would rise to the level of a road rage incident.

Instead just try venting like I just did. It does make you feel better. Give it a try now by venting in the comments of this post.

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