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How I Saved My Career And Changed My Life

how i saved my career

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I struggled for half of my law enforcement career.

I have been a police officer since 2002. I was at the top of my game in 2005 when I was made the first female Detective our Department had ever had and scored second on the Sergeant’s list. I remember telling my partner in the Police Academy that I wanted to be a detective one day. Six months later I was promoted to Sergeant, the second our Department had ever had.  I thought I was reaching new heights and goals as an up and coming Officer with a bright future.

Shortly after my promotion, I spoke with an Administrator who told me I should never have accepted the position and that I wouldn’t make a good Sergeant.  And you know what I believed him. From that point forward I worked every day for the next 8 years of my 15-year law enforcement career in fear and self-doubt. The extra stress and lack of confidence spill over into other relationships as well.  I was allowing that one sentence to destroy me.

Until I did something about it.  Watch the video below to see how I saved my career and ultimately changed my life:

How I Saved My Career



Have you had a similar experience with how you saved your career and your life?  Leave a comment below.

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