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Challenge to Succeed- Setting Goals

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How To Set Goals

Jim Rohn is one of my favorites.  If you haven’t listened to his audio yet you are surely missing out.  He is iconic for those that are looking to make themselves better.  I personally try to read 10 pages or listen to 10 minutes of personal development audio every day.  I do this in the morning as it sets the course for the day.

If you want to lose weight or even grown your fitness business this audio is perfect for you.  Jim Rohn gives you several tips to set firm goals and reach them.  It’s a short audio but the content is rich. Scroll down to see the top tips on setting goals that I have take out of this audio.

setting goals

Tips On Setting Goals:

  1.  Decide What You Want
  2.  Write It Down
  3. Keep The Old Lists Of Goals
  4. When You Reach A Goal Check It Off

It seems easy to do right?  But what’s easy to do is also easy not to do.  Put everything on the list.  Even if it’s ridiculous.  Easy goals create momentum and confidence.  Checking that goal off feels great.  You accomplished something.  Just remember to keep setting goals and using this for your business, budget, and fitness.  In fact, using this for all areas of your life can create amazing change for the better.

You can listen to the audio on goal setting here:

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