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Are You Setting Your Kids Up For Failure In Life?

Are You Setting Your Kids Up For Failure In Life?

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My son isn’t a neat writer.  Not from a lack of trying.  He needed to develop his fine motor skills more.  But he was told by me, his father, and teachers that he needed to improve his writing skills.  In fact, I confess I would help out at hot lunches and secretly compare my son’s writing to other students too.  So if I was doing that was my 7-year-old doing the same too?  Did he believe he was a terrible writer?

Are You Setting Your Kids Up For Failure In Life?

This made me really think about what I was teaching my son and how that would change his belief in himself.  If he had listened to what I was saying about his writing, he might hear that he is a messy writer.  If he then agreed with me, he would believe his writing was messy.  He wouldn’t be motivated to change his belief as he already decided to live with this deficiency at age 7.

What have you decided to believe in yourself?  Have you decided that you will always be overweight, busy, tired, and poor at public speaking?  Maybe you have decided that you can’t lose weight, eat healthy, or be successful in your own business?  We have ultimately made this decision in our brains and sometimes it was created as early as age 7.  Once you have decided you aren’t good at something you limit your motivation to improve it.  This is why you suck at staying motivated.


You can watch my live video on beliefs and why it causes you to suck at staying motivated here:

Are You Setting Your Kids Up For Failure In Life?



The Power Of Your Mind

Before a conscious thought is formed in your unconscious mind, you still have a choice to agree or disagree with this thought. This one crucial choice will determine whether you form a negative or positive belief in your mind. The point is, you always have a choice.

How freeing is that?  If you can choose what thoughts enter your mind you can choose what you believe about yourself and the world around you.  It’s just as easy to have negative thoughts as it is to have a positive thought.  The change is whether you agree with the thought or not.  This simple decision alone can transform your life, your health, and your business over time.

For example, you have tapes running in your head now.  Some you may have that voice telling you that you won’t ever be back at a healthy weight, or that you don’t manage your time well.  At some point, you agreed with this voice and it became apart of your personality. But the wonderful thing about being you is that you can also just as easily disagree with the thought or voice and it doesn’t become part of who you are.

The way we talk to ourselves and others is important.  How do you talk to your kids? Are you setting them up for failure?  Be aware of the words you use and encourage instead of condemning.

It’s also important to mention that you can also change old beliefs by thinking positive conscious thoughts.  You can take action on this now my creating powerful positive affirmations.  I have created an easy 5 step process to creating your own powerful affirmations.  You can download this freebie here.

Stay tuned for my next post and video about the power of your unconscious mind.  If you missed my first two videos/posts on my series on Motivation and Mindset you can check them out here:

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P.S. Don’t forget to download my freebie on the easy 5 step process on creating your powerful positive affirmations.


Val Quickman Are You Setting Your Kids Up For Failure In Life

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