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How To Stay Motivated and Reach Your Goals

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As I’ve sure you read about 10,000 times already that a new year brings new goals.  You don’t have to make new goals on January 1st though.  You can start any time.  I suggest starting when you are ready for a change.  But once you write them down, how do you stay motivated to reach your goals?

I found a video that did a great job breaking things down. I personally agree that we have a limited amount of will power every day and that 25% of our day is spent resisting temptation.  With this explanation it is easy to see that something needs to change in order for us to stay motivated throughout the day.

I would love to find power ups out on the street for motivation but we aren’t living a video game.  So here are some tips to stay motivated that I learned from the video:

Change Your Environment

If you trying to lose weight you need to remove the junk food from the house.  You also should find a gym (or workout at home like I do) that is open and on your way home from work.  Finding ways to make your environment support your goals is an easier way to work on them.

Make a commitment for the future when you are feeling motivated

When you are full of motivation and feeling inspired that is the time to act on that and make plans for the future that support your goals.  For instance, you are super-inspired to lose weight so call a friend or coach and set up a workout for tomorrow and next week.  Be sure to include another person in your plan because that is going to motivate you more to show up than if you were doing it alone.

Get A Coach

Yes it will cost money, but getting a coach is one of the best decisions you can make.  They hold you accountable and you are more likely to show up when someone is there waiting just for you.  If you can’t afford a coach there are some out there for free or try re-evaluating your budget to see where you are spending money on things you don’t need.  I personally coach people and even set up video conferencing to check on them and hold them accountable!  As always the internet is full of free advice so why not Google things you would like to improve on this year and see what you can find.

Motivation grid does have really useful content so be sure to subscribe to them too.

What is one thing you can starting doing today to stay motivated? Comment below

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