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How To Stop Food Cravings | Healthy Meal Prep #06

stop food cravings

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Ever have a strong craving for chocolate or the insatiable urge to scarf down a whole bag of potato chips?  Yup, I’m guilty too!  But I have learned why we have cravings and how to prevent them from happening.  I went live on Facebook today to talk about how to stop food cravings as a part of my series on healthy meal prep.  You can watch the full video here:

How To Stop Food Cravings


There are 3 major causes of cravings that we can prevent simply by creating a healthy meal prep plan. Let’s dive in:

Not Eating Enough

We should be eating meals to keep our blood sugar even and our metabolism working.  This is why I suggest eating every two to three hours.  When you wait longer or skip meals you are lowering your blood sugar and insulin levels.  When it gets too low, your brain triggers hunger and you crave sugar and carby foods to help raise your blood sugar again.  Eating regularly keeps your blood sugar even and you feel full.  You won’t trigger the need to crave carbs or sugary foods.  This will help with weight loss and food cravings at the same time.

Avoid High Carb Meals

I have been talking a lot about carbs in this healthy meal prep series.  Remember carbs are broken down into sugar.  Eating a lot of starchy or processed carbs causes a spike in your blood sugar and insulin levels.  Once this spike lowers your food cravings will come back with a vengeance.  Spread out your carbs to even out the spike.

Avoid Processed Sugar And Caffeine

Healthy Meal Prep #06: How To Stop Cravings

To prevent the carb and sugar cravings you should limit your intake of refined sugar and caffeine.  Both are addictive and throw off your insulin and blood sugar levels.  Preventing the spikes will prevent the cravings.  I love my coffee but I’ve eliminated adding sugar or sweeteners to it.  I only add milk.  Eventually, I will be drinking it black.  Caffeine speeds up our metabolism and if you aren’t eating enough, you will drop your levels.  Caffeine is great for weight loss because of this, but you can’t lose weight when you don’t eat.  Your body will go into starvation mode and store fat as reserves.  Eating regularly is a must if you are drinking caffeine.

Eat Protein At Every Meal

Want to feel fuller longer and prevent cravings?  Eat protein at every meal.  It helps build muscle, lower body fat, and when eaten with a healthy fat it releases chemicals that lower the amount of fat we store in our bodies.

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