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T25 Or 21 Day Fix: Which Is Best For A Busy Mom?

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Moms, I have to say we are amazing people. We are everything to everyone and sometimes we forget our own identity. One day we are the chauffeur and the next the doctor. In order to not lose yourself completely you need to focus on your health and happiness too.

Getting back into a workout routine and eating healthy may seem to be too much for you right now. I know I am in your shoes. I work full-time in Law Enforcement which can be demanding. From working 12 hour shifts, court appearances and sometimes unpredictable days of overtime it can be hard to make any formal schedule to stick to. I also have a four-year old son, a husband and my own personal business that I work part-time from home. The idea of fitting anything else into my schedule used to drive me nuts! But, I love working out and eating healthy too so I made it a priority in my life.

This has allowed my to find solutions to the time constraints many busy moms struggle with daily. I want to share with you what I’ve found to be the two best workouts for a busy mom who is short on time. Hopefully, after reading the differences between the two you can make a decision of which program will get you the results you are looking for and a routine the busiest mom can handle.

There are two home workout programs that have really changed the game when it comes to eating healthy and working out on a tight schedule. They are Focus T25 and The 21 Day Fix. Each program offers short workouts that will give you a great results if followed correctly. However, there are some differences that you should be aware of before choosing which program you want.

focus t25

Focus On Cardio

Focus T25 is wildly popular among busy moms. Why you ask? Because it allows us a chance to get in an effective workout in under an hour. Previous home workouts like P90X are intense and although I loved them, the workouts didn’t fit into my schedule (Yoga X is 90 minutes in length. I couldn’t entertain a two-year old that long while working out). T25 is also amazing because you get an extra rest day from workouts. Most home workout programs are six days a week. T25 is only five days. This makes it perfect if your kids are in school as your two days off can be the weekends too. If you are a cardio junkie, then this program is right up your alley. It focuses on 25 minutes of intense workouts that are cardio-based. You will also incorporate weights or resistance bands during the last phase of the program to help tone your muscles after losing weight from the first phase of cardio workouts.

Fix Up Your Diet

If your nutrition is a problem for you then the 21 Day Fix program is definitely the one for you.  The main reason for this program is a focus on nutrition.  This happens by using portion and color coded containers that you use according to your calorie intake.  The program comes with the containers and nutrition guide with some really great recipes in it.  It’s simple to stay on track.  You follow the program by filling up the containers every day and eating them.  It’s sooo simple!  Just as an example I am in the 1500 to 1799 calorie range.  I need to eat 4 green containers a day.  I simply fill them up and eat them with my other containers as meals or snacks.  It’s sooo simple!

With the containers you get some really awesome workouts that are 30 minutes each.  If you like variety then the 21 Day Fix will keep your attention too.  With both cardio, weight training, yoga and pilates you won’t get bored very easily.  I have done 7 round of the 21 Day Fix and have to say that I have really figured out where I lack in my nutrition and it helps me stay accountable.

Which One Is Right For Me?

If you generally eat healthy and are looking for a quick workout then I highly recommend you try T25.  If you are just starting out or struggle with eating healthy then your best bet is 21 Day Fix.  Both of these programs are perfect for busy moms and this busy mom loves them!  If you are looking for a video to see more of the workouts from each program I have added them below.  I also added a link to each program page so you can read more about them if you are interested.  If you are ready to get started and throw your excuses away from being too busy these are the programs you need to try!  Comment below if you are ready to get started or have any questions.

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