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Your Thoughts Are Stopping You From Being Successful

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Have you ever thought that you will never reach your ideal weight?

Do you think that eating healthy is too expensive and time-consuming?

Or do you think that working out is tiring and it doesn’t help you get healthier?

Do you think that people won’t buy your products because they are too expensive?

These thoughts are exactly what is stopping you from being successful in these areas of your life and I want to help you to stop thinking this way.


Why Your Thoughts Are Stopping You From Being Successful


The first step to stop your negative thinking is to understand what this type of thinking actually does to your brain. I’ve already talked about the conscious brain in This Is Your Brain On Motivation.  Secondly, I discussed our unconscious brain and how we talk to others (and ourselves) can set you up for failure in, “Are You Setting Your Kids Up For Failure In Life?”.

I went live on Facebook to talk about how you think and why it is stopping you from being successful.  Here is the recording of that live:


Why Your Thoughts Are Stopping You From Being Successful


Our brain processes every move you make.  It records your thoughts, tastes, smells, touches, sights, and sounds. With all that information constantly coming in how does your brain not overload itself?  It doesn’t because it is equipped with a filter called the Reticular Activating System (RAS).  It is positioned between the conscious and unconscious parts of your brain.

First, you receive stimuli through the conscious mind and it is then filtered through the RAS.  Then the information that the RAS deems as important passes through to the unconscious mind.  What isn’t important is ignored. But how does the RAS know what to filter?


Val Quickman Powerful and Purposeful facebook community

What You Think Becomes Your Reality

As I spoke about previously your beliefs are formed when you agree with a thought.  Once you consciously agree with it, your unconscious mind creates a reality around it to make it true.  Your RAS helps this by filtering out the information that doesn’t align with that belief.

For example, you want to lose weight.  You think about working out and eating healthier.  As you start to plan you think, “this is going to take a lot of time.”  Your unconscious mind agrees, “yes, it will take a lot of time to workout and eat healthier”.  Once the unconscious mind agrees with this thought it becomes a belief and your RAS filters out all your thoughts, sights, and even comments that would have helped you to save time.

You’ve formed that belief that working out and eat healthier is a lot of work in your unconscious mind and created an inside picture of the world based on this belief.

From this point forward, it doesn’t matter what the outside world around you is “saying.” The bottom line and this is very important… The Reticular Activating System, the filter in your brain has one full-time job… it spends all day every day matching your outside picture of the world with your inside picture of the world. Whatever you believe on the inside will show up again and again in your outside world.


The unconscious mind makes sure we “act” within the parameters of our beliefs. This means that during a normal 24-hour day, 95% of the time we are acting unconsciously based on beliefs stored in our unconscious mind.

So what you are thinking can play a huge role in your performance.  The great part about the brain is that we can change our thoughts and beliefs by retraining our brain.  It takes time and consistency (like your workout) but it is so worth it.

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Val Quickman Powerful and Purposeful facebook community


Val Quickman Your Thoughts Are Stopping You From Being Successful

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