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Time Management Tips For Beginners Episode 3

time management tips for beginners

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What if you were able to have one date night a week with your spouse or make your lunches and dinners for 4 days in under an hour?  How would you feel?  I would imagine amazing.

Today I went live to share some valuable tips on organizing the must do activities of your day. You can watch the video here:

Episode 3:  Time Management Tips For Beginners

I even provided you with a  cute schedule template that will help you as we progress further into the series.  If you haven’t downloaded the schedule yet you can get it here now.

What Do You Have To Do Today?

meal planning energy time management tips for beginners

photo by: Heather Zabriskie

There are things we must get done today.  Your kids have to go to school and back.  You have to make lunches, dinner and shower.  You have to go to work.  This are all tasks that are must do.  If you didn’t do them there would be consequences for you or for someone else that you are responsible for.  We will call these activities necessities.  I want you to make a list of all the activities now.  Just jot them down on a sheet of paper or Word Doc on your computer.  Be thorough and don’t leave anything out.

Also, next to each activity write out what days you have to do the necessities.  For instance, my son has soccer practice on Tuesdays and an after school activity on Wednesdays in March and April where he needs to be picked up from school later.  I would write that next to these two necessary activities.

Audit Your Time

time management tips for beginners

Next, I want you to write down how long each necessary activity is going to take you to complete and add them all to the schedule I provided you.  After you complete the schedule you can start to see where you may have empty pockets of time each day.  These empty pockets are going to be filled so don’t get too excited!

Fill The Gaps

time management tips for beginners

I want you to now list the activities that you want to do, but you can’t find the time to get to them.  This can be personal time alone, going to church, reading, cooking, working out, etc.  Next to each activity write down how long it would take to complete each one.

How would completing at least one of these “want to” activities a week or a day make you feel?

In the next episode I going to help you decide which “want to” activities you should choose and how to fit it into your schedule.  I can’t wait to dive deeper with you!  If you like the Time Management Tips For Beginners Series so far leave a comment below and be sure to subscribe to receive notifications on this site so you don’t miss any of these valuable episodes!

Don’t forget to download the schedule!


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