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Time Management Tips For Beginners Episode 1

time management for beginners

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Have you ever felt that you were being pulled in a million directions and in a constant state of stress?  Then at the end of that same day you realize that you hadn’t accomplished much of anything at all?

I have had A LOT of those days.

That was until I got fed up with living my life in a constant state of stress and anxiety. There had to be a better way. So instead of pitying myself, I empowered myself with knowledge by reading many books on time management.  I even took a training on time management.

I’m still not perfect, but I don’t have the stress and anxiety anymore.  In fact, I have confidence.  It all started when I took control of my time and made it my b#&ch.

I went live on Facebook today to share an introduction into this new series on Time Management Tips For Beginners.  If you missed the introduction video you can watch it here:

What Is Time Management?

time management tips for beginners

To keep it simple time management is a system or process you use to organize your daily tasks and goals.  The term “time management” sounds professional.  I like to call it prioritizing your time.  Basically, you decide what is important to accomplish everyday and you schedule it in.

You include things that must get done and it is essential that you also include things that you want to do.  This is just an introduction into time management for beginners.  As this series progresses we will dive deeper into the concepts and strategies that I’ve learned and use daily.

Why Time Management Works

Time management works because it gives you a sense of purpose.  It also changes your mindset on your daily activities.  By following a set of activities and a time frame to follow you can seamlessly move from your daily tasks without feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.

I have been able to successfully work full-time 12 hour shifts as a Law Enforcement Officer, a fitness coach and my own personal business while still spending quality time with my family.  This wouldn’t have been possible without a time management schedule.

time management tips for beginners

What Results To Expect

In this series you can expect to receive time management tips for beginners.  I will show you the strategies I use and have developed to effectively run my day.  As the series progresses and you start to implement what I have taught you, you can expect to feel a reduction in stress and anxiety.  You will also start to feel motivated, inspired and confident in your abilities.

I share personal experiences as a law enforcement officer so if you are a first responder you will find these tips very useful.  I look forward to spending this time with you as you start to discover your power and take control of your time.

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