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Time Management Tips For Beginners Episode 2: Mindset

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“I  think I can, I think I can, I think I can….”

time management tips for beginners

Do you remember “The Little Engine That Could” book when you were a kid?  The book talks about an engine and how his mindset changed from not believing in herself to knowing she could accomplish her goal.  This book was written in 1905 and it timelessly holds true today.

Mindset is the foundation for success.  It is what makes us believe you can do anything.  Or it can make you believe that you are lacking something and not worthy of the happiness or reward that you want.  Honestly, the choice is truly up to you.

Today I went live on Facebook for Episode 2 of the Time Management Tips For Beginners series.  I talked about the importance of mindset.  It was a great episode.  To watch the video of it here:

Video:  Time Management Tips For Beginners Episode 2

Mindset & Belief

The way you think about your abilities and the likelihood of reaching a goal is the key to achieving it.  In order to effectively manage your time you have to need and want to make a change.  Most of need and want it.  But many of us are willing to do the work to get it.

Have you ever started a workout program and then a week later you are back to eating crap and sitting on the couch?  Now be honest, when you started the program you wanted and needed to workout.  You want more energy and need to lose weight.  But what were you thoughts?  Did you really belief you were going to accomplish your goal?

If you want to manage your time you can need and want it all day long.  But you have to believe in the process and just stay consistent.  I don’t care how hard it is going to be, you just need to do it everyday.  Life is going to throw you curve balls.  It’s staying consistent despite that curve balls that makes all the difference in how successful you will be with managing your time.

When I first started building my own business I read the book, “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy.  It changed my mindset on how I manage my time, my health and my business.  It talks about how little decisions you make every day can set you up for success or failure.  For instance, you are starting  a workout program to lose weight.  Every day you make the decision to workout and eat healthy.  Each day builds on the next.  At first you don’t see any changes.  But you keep going.  You get in that workout and you keep eating healthy.  Each day you make the decision to follow your goals.  And after awhile those daily decisions start building on each other.  You start losing inches off your arms and waist.  You start having more energy and you start to build confidence.

Time management is no different.  Every day you make the small decisions that will lead you toward or away from managing your time.  These decisions compound upon each other.  You start building momentum and as long as your mindset is positive you will continue to stay consistent.  There will be days you don’t feel like it.  But those are the days you will need to just do it anyways.  Those days are true victories.

So today you need to get in the right mindset.  Be willing to stick with the time management tips I am going to show you and you will create a compound effect that will reduce your stress and anxiety while building the confidence in your abilities.  It’s going to get tough but you need to stay strong.

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