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Time Management Tips For Beginners #05: My Schedule & Your Goals

time management tips for beginners

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In Episode 4 of Time Management Tips For Beginners I talked about setting goals.  Today I went live on Facebook to dive deeper into goals as well as talking about my schedule and how I manage my time as a busy, working mom.  I also showed you how I set up my digital schedule and why I use it over the paper one.  I want you to use what method of planning that works for you.  Don’t use a system just because I am using it.  You won’t plan your time on something you aren’t familiar with or is time time-consuming to do.

Keep it simple.  Here is the video of the Facebook live.  I added in an extra after the live video that shows you my schedule and how I manage my time.

Time Management Tips For Beginners #05:  Goals & My Schedule

A Deeper Dive Into Goals

time management tips for beginners

In #04 of Time Management Tips for Beginners we talked about goals and I asked you to choose your most important goal right now to start adding to your schedule.  You should have chosen a goal that will make a big impact on your life.  One that would create a change that positively affects your family, career, spirituality, or health.

Did you choose one like this?  If not, re-visit your list and choose one that will.

How long will it take to reach your goal?  How will you feel when you reach it?  What change will you see in yourself and others around you?  Answering these questions about your goal should be motivating you to take action.  If it’s not you should find one that does.  Your mindset about reaching your goal is just as important as the steps to get there.  Without it you will fail.

Next, I want you to add in the activities you have to do and the time it will take to get there to your weekly schedule.  Goals should be worked on practically every day.  If you are confused on the steps to take to get there or how to add it to the schedule re-visit my video where I show you how I add goals to my schedule and take a look at a screen shot of my schedule below.

Time Management Tips For Beginners:  A Screenshot View

time management tips for beginners

time management tips for beginners

I am on vacation for the week of this schedule so you don’t see what I do for work.  Generally, I work 6 am to 6 pm so all of the activities scheduled in there are moved to before and after work.  I do work on my business for 30 minutes on my lunch break depending on how busy I am at work.

My goals are to work on my business to provide value to people. My goal is to provide that value through my Facebook Lives and blog posts.  I also have a goal to lose 2% body fat and I will accomplish that by working out 6 days a week, drinking Shakeology, and meal planning.  I also have a goal to work on building confidence so I read 10 pages of a personal development book every day.

Go ahead and create your own schedule of activities for the week and be sure to include your goals.

Leave a comment or question below about how managing your time will work for you.

If you haven’t already received your free Time Management Tips For Beginners Schedule Template or the Workout and Meal Planning Templates you can download them now.

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