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Time Management Tips For Beginners #06: Time Wasters

time management tips for beginners

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How many times a day do you check Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.?  How long do you spend watching T.V. every day?

According to an article published by NY Times  users spend an average of 50 minutes a day on Facebook.  People also spend almost 3 hours watching television or movies a day and 1 hours eating and drinking a day.  The average amount of sleep is almost 9 hours a day (that’s laughable for anyone with a newborn by the way).  That brings the total time spent doing these activities to almost 14 hours.  (I mention sleep as unproductive only because we can’t do anything other than sleep.)  So for 14 hours a day we aren’t working or having face to face communication with our family.  Unless you are running an online business or working for an entertainment company, you are wasting more than half your day away.

time management tips for beginners

Today in my Facebook Live on the Time Management Tips For Beginners #06 I shared tips on how to identify these activities in your day and how to control them.  You can watch the full live video here:

Time Management Tips For Beginners #06:  Time Wasters

time management tips for beginners

Keep A Log

What I recommend is logging the time you spend on your phone text messaging, surfing the internet, on all social mediate sites and watching T.V.  If you have any other time-wasting activities you can log them too.  Don’t cheat either.  Honestly log the times for two complete days.  Then after two days, see how much time you spend on each activity.  I’m sure you will be surprised by how much time you spend on these activities.

Set Time Limits

In order to limit your time spent on wasted activities, but still get your fix, set up a couple of times to check your social media and e-mail every day.  In order to prevent getting sucked in on Facebook you can set up time limits as an alarm or countdown timer on your smart phone.  I personally have an I-phone and use I-calendar to schedule in times to check e-mail and Facebook messages for my business.

time management tips for beginners

Add These Activities To Your Schedule

Add times to check e-mail, Facebook and other social media. I set them up as events and use reminders inside of the event to alert my audibly when I can begin the activity. It really helps me hold myself accountable to the time I spend on Facebook checking posts and mindlessly scrolling.

Take Action: Set  up the alerts in I-cal and add them to your schedule.  Having this freedom from the phone will allow you to complete your activities uninterrupted.  You will soon see how much more productive you are without this distraction.  Also realize how addicted you are to social media.  It was eye-opening for me as well.

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