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Time Management Tips For Beginners #07: Stress Relief

time management tips for beginners

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Cindy was a working mom who was constantly in a state of stress.  She felt she was so unorganized and she was often short-tempered and had little patience with her children.  She wanted to find relief somewhere, but also just thought it was part of being a mother.

Can you relate to the stress that Cindy has?  I can.

Today on my Facebook live series on Time Management Tips For Beginners I share some tips on how you can quickly relieve some stress.  You can watch the full video here:

Time Management Tips For Beginners #07:  Stress Relief

I know you are probably wondering how stress relief is related to time management.  Well, for starters time management will help reduce stress.  Being intentional and focusing on your goals actually lowers your anxiety.  But what if your job is stressful?  For instance, a paramedic, firefighter, doctor, teacher or police officer?

I’ve got some answers for that too.

time management tips for beginners

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

How much sleep are you getting a  night?  Studies say on average a person sleeps 8.8 hours a day.  I know this average includes children who sleep up to 12 hours a night.  Thanks kiddos for throwing off the average.  A healthy amount of sleep for most adults is between 7-9 hours.  I personally think 5 to 7 is optimal.  Having enough sleep helps your body recover and repair itself.


time management tips for beginners

Meditating is a great way to clear your mind, lower anxiety and just relax.  It doesn’t have to take a long time either.  Just 15 minutes of quiet time a day can make all the difference.  Here is a great video to help you get started with an easy meditation routine.


time management tips for beginners

Have you ever written a journal?  It was called a diary when I was a tween.  Journaling is a great way to relieve the negative thoughts and feelings we have about situations that occur during the day.  Being able to vent without saying the wrong thing is empowering.  You don’t have to write for a long time either.  Just enough to get your frustration out.  It is also good to write out your goals and dreams for the future.  It may give you that inspiration you need to act on them too.


One of the main reasons I workout regularly is to reduce stress.  There is nothing better than sweating out those negative feelings.  It is proven that when you workout you release endorphins which help raise your mood.  If you work a stressful job (police, fire, nurse, EMT, etc) making exercise a part of your routine is essential to helping reduce stress and even build confidence.

If you aren’t currently working out try starting with 25 minutes and moving up to 45 minutes at some point.  That is the sweet spot for getting results and relieving stress.  If you struggle with fitting in meal planning and exercise I have something you maybe interested in later this week.


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