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Time Management Tips For Beginners #08: Routines

time management tips for beginners

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Today’s Time Management Tips For Beginners article is all about creating a routine.  This starts first thing in the morning.  Does this scenario sound familiar?

Your alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button.  You roll over and think to yourself, “I felt like I haven’t slept at all.” “This is going to be the day from hell.”

Do you struggle to wake up every morning?  Do you wake up tired and unmotivated to get started?  Are you hitting the snooze button more than once?

I was never a morning person.  Ask my parents you literally couldn’t speak to me.  I had no patience and just wanted to be left alone.  But over the last three years I have transformed myself into someone who loves waking up in the morning.  Many times I get up before me alarm sounds.  I wake up with energy and I am ready to start my day with intention.

I went live on Facebook today to talk about starting your day with intention by developing a morning routine.  If you didn’t watch it you can watch the entire video here:

Time Management Tips For Beginners #08:  Routines

Wake Up With Intention

time management tips for beginners

Did you know that waking up just one hour earlier every day can totally transform your life?  You can be a morning person instead of hating them.  When you have a schedule and develop a morning routine it sets the pace for the entire day.  Here are my tips to develop a healthy morning routine that will give you energy and intention.

Start your day with positive affirmations and going over your goals (5 minutes)

This is the first thing you should do every morning.  Start it off positively by reading your favorite positive affirmations.  Affirmations are statements that affirm your belief in something.

For instance, you are trying to be a positive person.  Your affirmation could be:

Today is going to be a really, really good day.

Moreover, you are trying to lose weight.  Your affirmation could be:

I am grateful for my healthy body.  I love life.

Find the affirmations that speak directly to you.  I write my own.  If you would like to write your own you can download this cheat sheet on how to create your own powerful affirmations in just 5 steps.

time management tips for beginners

Meditation (15 minutes)

In video #07 of the Time Management Tips For Beginners series I spoke about meditation and how it can help relieve stress.  In that post I also provided you with a 15 minute meditation video to get you started.

Meditation isn’t cheesy or for new wave hippies either.  It helps you clear your mind and can help bring positive thoughts into your day.  Being intentional about your thinking can really transform you.  I personally hate being around people who drain your energy.  You know those people that are like a cancer when they enter the room spewing their negative thoughts and beliefs onto others.  It’s tiring to watch and frustrating to listen to.

Are you one of these people?  You don’t have to admit anything to me, but be honest with yourself.  If you thin you are meditation can change it for you.  But like anything else, it has to be practiced consistently.  That is why I add it to the morning routine.

time management tips for beginners

Journaling (10 minutes)

I know you are thinking this is another cheesy idea.  Who writes in a diary anymore?

Carry Mulligan, Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston to name a few.  Journaling is not limited to just females either.  Many impressive male leaders like Ronald Reagan, Johnny Depp and George Clooney also keep journals.  Getting your thoughts onto paper by journaling every day will help you with:

  • Better Organization
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Improved Demeanor, Attitude and Judgment
  • Enhanced Intention
  • Positive Reinforcement

Workout (30 minutes)

You and I both want to have more energy and lead a healthier life.  We are not only responsible for ourselves, but our children too.  We needs to get our blood flowing and create some sweat in the morning.  There are so many benefits to beginning your day with a workout.  You’ll have more energy, be able to deal with stress better, live longer, look and feel great and build self-confidence.  Thirty minutes is all you need to get in an effective workout.  The benefits far outweigh getting up an hour early every day.

I didn’t create this morning routine myself.  I learned the tactics to creating an amazing routine after reading, “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.  Once I read this book I implemented the concepts he taught me.  It truly helped me to be more productive before 6 AM than I ever have before.  This is why I get up at 3:20 AM almost every morning.

This Time Management Tips For Beginners series should have started with this article.  I felt that a foundation with the previous videos suited you better so you understand the concepts of how I schedule my days.  I highly recommend reading the “Miracle Morning” and developing a routine like this to start your day with intention.  It won’t be easy, but this is so worth the extra effort.

Don’t hit that snooze button anymore.  Be excited to get up every day with a routine that is healthy and fun.

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