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To The Girl Who Doesn’t Believe In Herself

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To Girl Who Doesn’t Believe In Herself,

Why do you think so negatively about you?  You know yourself best and know what you are capable of, but you still think you don’t deserve it.  You don’t believe you deserve to be loved like that marriage your high school friend has that you  secretly can’t stop reading about on Facebook.  Why do you call yourself fat and say you can’t lose weight? I see you say you have followed the diet and workouts to a tee, but I saw when you sat snacking on chips and beer late at night.  It’s not because you can’t do it.  It’s because you don’t believe you can and you derail your efforts because of this.

Why do you keep doing this?  It’s time to make a change today.  No longer will you believe the negative thoughts your brain is transmitting.  It’s time to take control of your life today.  And that starts by taking back your brain from the negative cancer that has over run it with negative self talk and constant pessimism.  To the girl who doesn’t believe in herself, believe ME you can master mind with these daily exercises.  


to the girl who doesn't believe in herselfYour daily thoughts are the most important part of believing in yourself.  How and what you say to yourself throughout the day is important when taking on the errands or work demands you face.  Are you talking to yourself positively?  Or are you telling yourself you are too slow or won’t finish the tasks for the day?  Take a two days and write down your personal thoughts.  Just carry around a small notebook or use the note app on our phone.  When a thought about yourself comes to mind write it down.  Don’t read over them now just write it down and close it.  At the end of two days open up the notes and read what thoughts you wrote down.  Are they positive?  Are you providing yourself encouragement and support?  Or are you brow beating and talking negatively about your abilities and success or failures?

Retrain Your Brain With  Daily Affirmations

to the girl who doesn't believe in herselfIf you are using negative words or telling yourself negative things when trying to overcome a challenge in your job or with family, you need to start your day with positivity.  Take out a sheet of paper or open a new note on your phone.  Make a list of your 5 best qualities.  Honestly you probably have a million great things about you but pick the first 5 to come to mind.  Now with those 5 qualities write a positive sentence about yourself.  For example, I am a great communicator.   Now write 5 goals you would like to accomplish.  Make a couple long term goals and some short term goals.  Now write a sentence stating that you have already accomplished the goal. For example, I am at my ideal body weight.  I have six pack abs.  Put this paper with your 5 best qualities and 5 goals sentences you just made near your bed.  When you wake up every morning and before you go to be read the sentences.  This will help train your brain into thinking positive things about yourself.  It will also keep you moving closer to your goals and motivate you to keep going in a positive direction.  Any time you are struggling with self doubt create a positive affirmation like this and add it to your list.  It’s amazing how that voice in your head will become more positive to you too.  If you see yourself regressing back into your old negative ways it’s time to read your affirmations.  Picking up a personal development book may also help.  I have added a couple of my favorites to a Personal Development board on Pinterest.  Take a look for some great ideas to get your started.  Be sure to follow me while you are there.  10 pages a day is all you need to start re-training your brain to work with you and not against you.  Don’t like to read?  Grab the audio version and listen on your way to work in the morning.

to the girl who doesn't believe in herselfConsistency

To the girl who doesn’t believe in herself this is going to take time.  Just like a workout your brain needs to be trained to be positive.  You are going to have set backs.  You are going to have bad days.  This is completely normal.  I’ve found myself falling back in a negative mindset on A LOT of occasions.  But now that I can recognize that, I stop and consider a strategy.  I read my affirmations, listen to some personal development audio and talk positively to myself on how I will overcome this.  Just stay consistent and don’t give up on yourself.

Loving Yourself

This is the most important part of all.  If you don’t love yourself and all your imperfections, how is anyone else going to love and respect you?  You are unique and filled with all the capabilities as anyone else on this world.  We are all deserving of what we want and need.  The difference is loving yourself enough to allow yourself to achieve it.  We all have skeletons in our closet.  We all have regrets.  However, using those as a reason to be stronger instead of an excuse to be a victim and be weak is where others either excel or fail.  Don’t be a victim anymore.  Take control of your mind and your life from here on out.  Practice the ideas I have given you here.  They truly work if you are willing to be consistent and work on yourself.

Build Inner Strength

Another way to build self confidence and resolve it to work your body and mind together.  This is exactly how I fell in love with fitness and healthy eating.  I learned these strategies while I was working on losing weight after having my son.  Yes fitness changed my on the inside too.  And where I noticed the biggest change came when I started lifting weights.  Pushing my physical limits to failure was where I first noticed a change in my mind.  I wasn’t telling myself to give up when I was lifting.  I was following the workout video and telling myself that I could lift one more rep.  Or that I was ready to increase my weight and completed the workout.  This built up my self confidence because I started talking to myself more positively.  I was succeeding and it felt great.  Plus I was starting to see results in the mirror.  My clothes fit better, I had more energy and other people were noticing it too.  If you want to start changing your body and your mind weight lifting is a must.  Don’t worry you won’t bulk up either.

If you want to work on these tips and lead a healthier lifestyle, you can join the next Strength Squad challenge.  Fill out the form below and I will help you pick the right weight training workout for you.  We can work on a nutrition plan that fits your goals, and we will work on building self confidence through daily check ins with me and others on the Strength Squad.  We all deserve to be confident and happy.  Even the girl who doesn’t believe in herself.  I was that girl.  Now I’m helping others to break that cycle too.



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