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What Does Winning Really Mean In Your Life?

What Does Winning Really Mean In Your Life?

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I had someone ask me what does winning really means to me last week.

I had some time to think about and the question was a lot harder to answer than I thought. As a Lifestyle Coach, I can easily rattle off a manifesto of what it means to me physically. But when I think about what winning really means to me personally I had a much harder time explaining it in words. I think that is because you can’t measure winning when it’s not related to sports.¬† It’s an abstract idea.

Winning to me means feeling good about myself internally. You ever have a moment where you told someone exactly how you felt with 100% honesty? That moment where you feel proud of doing something for someone else without expecting anything in return? That is the feeling of winning to me.


What Does Winning Really Mean In Your Life?


I’m winning when I’m watching my son master a new skill or gain confidence in one he’s been working in. I’m winning when having a meaningful conversation with my husband and he truly understands what I am saying. I’m winning when I am helping someone as a police officer or when someone is actually getting results within my workout program.

I am winning when someone else is having success and I get to experience with them when someone gains confidence and self-doubt in their lives. When someone finds happiness. That is what winning really means to me.

I also made a video where I talk more about winning. You can watch it here now:

What Does Winning Really Mean


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What does winning really mean to you?


What Does Winning Really Mean In Your Life?


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