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What Should I Eat? | Healthy Meal Prep #04

what should i eat? healthy meal prep

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In my article yesterday on healthy meal prep I talked about why we should be eating healthy and what we should eat.  Do I get asked what should I eat to be healthy? Today I dove deeper in a Facebook live to talk about what we should prepping to eat. I even shared what I prepped for my lunches and snacks today. You can watch the full replay video here:

Healthy Carbs

Carbs are a source of energy for you body.  So choosing ones that are healthy is important.  When creating a healthy meal prep menu you need to eliminate processed or refined carbs.  These carbs are responsible for causing blood sugar and insulin spikes as they are broken down into sugar.  They are also fast digesting. The combination of the blood sugar spike and the speed of digestion cause you to be hungry sooner.

This leads to overeating and weight gain.  Choosing unprocessed or whole carbs can give you more energy, help you feel fuller longer, and help lower your cholesterol to prevent heart disease.

Healthy Fats

Healthy Meal Prep #04: What Should I Eat?

Healthy fats also provide energy and are essential for the absorption of vitamins and the prevention of diseases.  I discussed healthy fats already in my previous post-Healthy Meal Prep #02:  The Skinny On Fat.


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Lean proteins

If you want to build muscle and lose weight you need to eat protein.  It is the nutrient responsible for it.  Proteins are critical to losing weight as well as losing body fat.  Most of us don’t eat enough protein and the types we are important too.  Lean proteins are best so limiting red meat is important.  Do not eliminate it just limit though.  I love steak too, but you can’t eat it every day.

 Eat This, But NOT That


Healthy Meal Prep #04: What Should I Eat?


When you are planning your healthy meal prep ideas you should try to avoid creating meals that contain both fats and starchy carbs.    This is because both fats and carbs-release of insulin in your body.  This creates a double release of insulin with stores fat and spikes blood sugar.  This is the cause of increased weight due to the storage of fat and cues to hunger which causes overeating.

Some examples of starchy carbs to avoid eating with fat include sweet potatoes and yams, parsnips, jicama, taro root, water chestnuts, Jerusalem artichoke and rutabaga, brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, potatoes, beans, and peas.

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You should prep meals that include both lean protein and healthy fat together.  This science behind this is that the combination together causes less fat storage due to chemicals that are released that trigger less insulin release.  It also helps to keep you fuller longer which means eating less and weight loss.

Don’t forget to download the free meal planning tools I have created to help you make your meal planning and prep healthier.  In the download, you will receive lists of healthy carbs, fats, and protein that you can start using today to create your healthy meal prep for the week!

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