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Why Can’t I Sleep? 5 Reasons For Your Sleepless Nights

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Do you stare at the clock at night and worry that you’ll get any sleep at all? Does your mind race with worry about how you will get everything done tomorrow? Or maybe you hear every noise thinking someone is going to break in? Why Can’t I Sleep?

Insomnia is no joke.

It is really ruining your life. You just wish you could have one good night of sleep.

I have talked to so many women who suffer from some sort of insomnia. I am not talking about the medically diagnosed one either. When I say insomnia I am talking about an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. If you are reading this and can answer yes to the questions I asked above, you are looking for something to help you fall asleep quicker, sleep more deeply and even sleep longer without having to take a habit-forming sleep aid.

Before I even mention the all-natural solution to your problem let’s first talk about five of the main reasons why you can’t sleep. Watch my life on the 5 reasons why you can’t sleep and read the blog below for even more detailed information.

Why Can’t I Sleep? Five Reasons

Environmental Stress

Yes, this is a thing! They are the annoying bastards that you can’t see in your home that keep you from catching those z’s you need. It could be dust an unknown dust allergy that is stressing out your body or it may be time to change the furnace filter in your home (blame that on hubby and have him it check now!)

Other sources of stress in your environment could be a change in weather, noise, or even the temperature of your house that keeps you from a deeper sleep.

These sources of stress affect our body in different ways. If you have allergies or can’t breathe due to dust or allergens in the air this could be causing your body’s immune system to be stressed a working harder to protect itself. This little bit of extra energy can be causing you to feel wide awake when you should be sleeping or to wake up several times a night for no reason that you know of. (well, now you know 😛 )

My tip for you is for you is to check on these sources of stress before you go to bed tonight.

Caffeine Overload

This is one of the top reasons many people can’t sleep at night. You may feel tired and truly be tired but with a lot of caffeine in your system, it is difficult to fall asleep. I’m not going to bore you with details on caffeine as well all know it’s a stimulant and we shouldn’t be drinking coffee, pop or energy drinks at least five or more hours before bed. If you are that exhausted and need caffeine to stay awake, just go to bed instead.

Limit your caffeine intake to three glasses or cans a day and do not drink caffeine at least five hours before bed.

why can't i sleep

Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Bad

After a long day at work, you just want to eat a complete meal right? But what time are you eating?

If you eat a full meal you are providing energy to your body. You are also expelling energy to digest that meal. How can you expect your body to relax when it has to digest all the food you ate? Now don’t go to bed without eating because starving yourself isn’t healthy either.

Try eating lighter foods such as proteins, and veggies if it’s close to your bedtime. Avoid foods with sugar such as fruits and foods high in carbohydrates as they also are broken down into sugar in your body.

My tip is not to any later than 4 hours before bed. If you must eat choose lighter foods such as veggies, soups, and protein shakes.

5 day sleep better challengeAnxiety, Stress or Worry

We all have bad days and if you are a mom and work full-time on top of running your own business, you know there isn’t a day that goes by without stress. But what about a REALLY bad day? Your nerves are shot, your patience is non-existent, and your emotions are on overload. Days like this are days where you don’t sleep because your mind is on overload.

Also, a consistent stream of anxiety, stress or worry is a recipe for disaster on your glandular system. Especially your adrenal glands which are the next source of stress on your mind and body.

Adrenal Fatigue

Below you will see an infographic about the signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue. When I first saw this image I went, “yup, yup, yup…..” to all of the symptoms. I honestly had never heard of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome until I became interested in holistic health.

Due to my stressful job and drinking large amounts of coffee ( 5 cups a day!) I came to the realization that I wasn’t leading as healthy of a lifestyle as I had thought I was. I had adrenal fatigue syndrome.

why can't I sleep

Image From: Web MD

What Is Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome & Is It the Reason Why I Can’t Sleep?

Your adrenal glands make hormones. One of these is cortisol, which helps your body deal with stress. According to the adrenal fatigue theory, if your life is too stressful, your adrenal glands may not pump out enough hormones, leading to a wide variety of symptoms.

The most common causes are:

  • Poor sleep habits
  • Poor diet
  • Stress at work or home
  • Depression

Although these are related to the syndrome many of these can be attributed to other health conditions as well.

Talk to your doctor. Your primary care doctor can check you for common illnesses that cause fatigue. If you do have a hormone-related problem.  You may want to see an endocrinologist — a doctor who focuses on hormones. This doctor can do a variety of tests to check your hormone levels.

For now, I suggest taking a free health assessment to determine if your sleeping problems are due to your diet, stress or another condition. Take The Free Health Quiz now.5 day sleep better challengeThe All-Natural Solution For Why I Can’t Sleep

There are many supplements out there to help treat your sleep problems. Many are habit-forming and medication (NSAIDS) that will cause more problems in your digestion while it attempts to “mask” your sleeping issues. However, there are all-natural supplements that can be taken to heal the symptoms you are causing your insomnia. This all-natural supplement will calm both your mind and body. So it will help calm your nerves and prevent your mind from over-thinking as you lie down to sleep. It also balances your mood so you can fall asleep quicker even on the most emotional days. It also helps manage physical fatigue by relaxing your muscles so you can relax and fall asleep.

If you are interested in the all-natural supplement to help you fall asleep complete the free health quiz below and I will be in contact with you about the products that fit your personal needs.

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