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Work Harder And Smarter | Time Management Tips 11

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Do you ever wonder how some people have it all together?

They arrive early to work and are always organized? It’s not by accident. It’s a skill they have learned.

I have learned it too over time.  It became a necessity when I started building my online fitness and lifestyle business several years ago.  I work full-time 12-hour shifts as a law enforcement sergeant and I am a mom.  Adding an online business to the mix made things very difficult. In order to fit it all in I had to manage my time and find ways to work harder and smarter.

I talk about how I effectively manage my day in a Facebook live video.  You can watch the video here:

Time Management Tips For Beginners #11 Work Harder And Smarter



The best tool for managing your time is time blocking.

I personally use 3-hour time blocks about couple times a week to work the business.  I do nothing else during that time.  I work harder and smarter by have a list of items I need to take care of during that time.  I also have 3 hours increments at least two times a week to spend with family.  I completely unplug during this time period as well.


time management tips for beginners #11: work harder and smarter


I also manage the time I can check emails and social media. I set up 30 minutes a couple of times a day to accomplish the daunting task of check and respond to emails.  I also suggest you unsubscribe yourself from all the mailing lists and newsletters you don’t read or find useful.  In doing this block of time I started to notice that I receive over 50-100 e-mails a day and most of them are junk!

Val Quickman Powerful and Purposeful facebook community

In the video, I mention that I use a to-do list called todoist.  I have actually switched to do list apps and am currently using anydo as my to list program.  It is available in a free and paid version for your mobile and laptop computer. I personally like it because it also hooks up to my Amazon Echo Dot.  That way I can add important meetings, items for shopping and events to my Google calendar without having to spend time typing.  I just talk and it adds it in.  Now that is what I call working harder and smarter!

work harder and smarter time management tips for beginners #11



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