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What Workout Is Right For Me? | Fitness For Women #03

What Workout Is Right For Me? | Fitness For Women #03

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Have you ever listened to a friend rave about a movie she saw and you just had to see it? Once you watched it you weren’t impressed and told her, “it just wasn’t my thing.” Taking other people’s opinions can have its ups and downs.

The same goes for fitness programs. Today I went live on Facebook to talk about fitness programs and which one is right for you. This is video three in my Fitness For Women series. You can watch the full video here:


What Workout Is Right For Me? Fitness For Women #03


Choosing the right home workout program for you isn’t hard.  You have to pick something you enjoy doing and one that will fit your current goals.  Here are things you should  consider when choosing a home workout program:

  1. Length of Workouts

    This is important.  You need to find a workout that is effective and that fits into your busy schedule.  If the workouts are too long you will come up with excuses not to do them.  Before choosing the program look at the length of every workout in your program and see if you can fit the longest workout in.

  2. Number of Workouts Per Week

    How many days can you fit into your schedule?  That is another key to the successful completion of a workout program.  Can you workout 6 days a week or maybe five is more doable for you.

  3. Goals

    The goal you set for yourself is very important in determining which home workout program is right for you.  Do you want to build muscle, lean out, or just maintain your current weight? Every home workout program will help you lose weight if you eat at a caloric deficit.  However, not all workouts will help you build muscle or increase flexibility.  In fact, some may hinder it.  Yoga is great for flexibility and weightlifting workouts are great for building muscle and losing body fat.  There are many other options available, however, for the sake of simplicity, I am only mentioning a few.

Fitness For Women #03: What Workout Is Right For Me?

Types of Home Workout Programs To Choose From:



Oh, how I hate cardio!  I found out that a lot of people actually like it though.  It gets you sweating, burning calories and keeps you moving constantly with little rest.  Cardio workouts are designed to elevate your heart rate.  Types of cardio can be as simple as walking, running, elliptical or a treadmill.

Programs can be as intense as Insanity or Insanity Max 30 or something more fun like a mixed martial arts workout like Core De Force that I am doing now.


Fitness For Women #03: What Workout Is Right For Me?

Weight Lifting

My personal favorite.  It’s all about the weights.  Weightlifting is a great way to build lean muscle, strength and lower body fat. The programs can include some cardio but are focused on lifting dumbbells, kettlebells, and even a bar.  I highly recommend programs such as Body Beast and my favorite, Hammer and Chisel to sculpt and lean out those muscles.  Of course, the nutrition plan is critical to achieving all these results so don’t lose sight of what you eat when choosing your workout program.

Cardio &  Weights

Want the best bang for your buck?  I think a combination of cardio and weights is the best type of workout if you are trying to lose weight and want that lean look.  Of course, if you like running this would be right up your alley.

A lot of people will disagree with me here.  There are some fitness experts that think doing a lot of intense cardio workouts in combination with lifting weights will not allow you to build lean muscle.  In fact, they think the intense cardio will break down the muscle.  I personally think this is a myth.  The only way our bodies will break down muscle is to not eat enough protein to allow our bodies to build it.  This is why you need to focus on the nutrition to keep your muscles fueled.

Programs such as the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, P90, and P90X 3 are great workouts that include both a cardio and weight lifting component.  Considering the popularity of all of these programs many people find them fun and if you see any of the transformation pictures they are very effective too.  If you are a busy person, you work full-time or you love shorter workouts these are the programs you should consider doing.

Fitness For Women #03: What Workout Is Right For Me?


I envy the body of dancers.  They work so hard to achieve that lean, toned look and of course, their dancing is amazing too.  If you find workouts to be too much work and you love to dance then it may be time to try a dance workout.  Programs such as Country Heat, Turbofire, and Cize are extremely popular because they add fun to the workout.  When you don’t think about the workout actually being a workout it may help take away the negative association in your head.

If you are a beginner or are just bored and need a change of pace, a dance workout will probably be just what you need.


Yoga is a great workout to improve flexibility, strength, and movement.  I use it in between programs to recover and lengthen my muscles.  It is low impact and perfect for you are suffering from back or knee problems or have limited movement due to a pre-existing injury or medical condition.  Yoga workouts tend to be longer than traditional workouts and less desirable if you are a busy working mom like me.  However, I have found that combining yoga with other types of workouts, like PiYo,  can give you a more well-rounded program.

The workout programs we just talked about is not an all-inclusive list.  There are many types of workouts like HIIT, Crossfit, Total Body, etc. that I have not mentioned here.  I encourage to find a home workout program that you love to do and that fits your needs.


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