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This Is Your Brain On Motivation

This Is Your Brain On Motivation

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Traditionally the schooling, seminars, and training you have attended were based on action.  They gave you steps to take like a “How To” guide.  You completed math homework using formulas and you built your home business by following scripts and reaching goals based on actions.

You also have attended concerts and seminars too.  They get you really fired up to make a change in your life or inspired to reach your goals again.  But what happens when that fire dies out?  You are probably right back in the same old routine with nothing to really show for it.

This is exactly why you suck at staying motivated to workout, get up early, or even work your online business consistently.

This Is Your Brain On Motivation

Today I went live on Facebook to talk about your brain.  I wanted to educate you on how the brain functions.  It’s important to understand this first as it sets the foundation for your brain on motivation.  You can watch the entire video here:


[Video]: This Is Your Brain On Motivation


You grab a workout schedule which is basically a how-to guide on what workouts to do. You follow a goal-oriented nutrition plan that has you tracking calories, macros, and your water intake.  You may even jump on Pinterest to find some motivational quotes to get you fired up.  But a week later you are dreading the workout.  You throw in the towel.

That is why intentional action is so important to your motivation.  It shows that your intentions (your thoughts and feelings), and your actions (what you do) are not mutually exclusive. In other words, your thoughts and feelings must be combined with your actions in order for your actions to have the best chance for success.

1. The brain is your largest and most valuable asset. Relying on yourself and using your own mind as the primary force for your success will create something much stronger and longer-lasting.

2. Motivational training can make you feel good, but typically these good feelings wear off. Also, the “elusive nature” of these training often makes them more difficult to apply to your day-to-day workouts or business.

3. Action or hard work alone will never guarantee your success. Many of us in network marketing and direct sales are working tirelessly and, in fact, likely working too much. While the consistent action is important to your success… it is not the REASON for your success.

The reason for your success in training your brain is to keep motivated and moving forward despite setbacks, cheat meals, and missed workouts.  We can suck a lot less if we can conquer the power of our brains and discover the power to change them.


How Does My Brain Work?

Your conscious mind— your thinking mind— is all of that inner chatter you hear in your head all day long. It’s always running in the background, giving you play-by-play and color commentary like a sportscaster. The conscious part of our brain is also useful in recalling memories and in planning for your future, creating goals, and using our imagination.

It’s great that our conscious mind describes what we see to ourselves, however, this sportscaster is also not always positive.  Consequently, it can also be overly critical, self-deprecating and mean.

This Is Your Brain On Motivation

Your Unconscious Mind

The unconscious part of your brain takes care of the activities that are vital for survival.  Your heartbeat, breathing, and circulation is all examples of functions that are regulated by your unconscious brain.  Imagine how tiring it would be if you had to constantly remind yourself to breathe?

Your to-do list would be:

  • Workout
  • Shop
  • Breath
  • Pick kids up from school
  • Breath

The best part about the unconscious mind is that it also does activities we often take for granted such as walking, talking, brushing your teeth, and even driving your car. It is also responsible for your character traits.  The things you have learned about yourself as you grew older.  For instance, you are caring, a good communicator, you are quick to anger and easy to forgive.  These are also called beliefs.

At some point in your life, you came to an “agreement” with these thoughts about yourself, and your agreement solidifies these thoughts into your unconscious mind, essentially making up who you “believe” you are.

The best part about this series on motivation is going to be discovering your beliefs about yourself and changing your unconscious beliefs by repetition.  My future posts and live videos will further discuss how we can change these beliefs and make new beliefs a part of our unconscious mind.

Hang on this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Did you miss the introduction to this series?

You can watch the video and read the introduction to staying motivated here:

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This Is Your Brain On Motivation

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